Cleansing/Aura Soap – Enchanted for removing negative energies



Most times we are unaware of our our Aura, this is an electromagnetic energy field created out of the fusion of your Astral bodies on incarnate with your physical body, this energy field, when its perfectly ok and strong, no harm will get to you because the energy field /  Aura envelopes each and everyone of us, thus creating good lucks and protection.

The only thing that makes you penetrable when your Aura is strong is your FEAR. But then, due to lots of movements which we make, and places we enter which may have low energy and negative vibrations, charms and so on, thus we end up grabbing lots of negative vibrations that end up reducing the brightness of the persons Aura/energy fields.

A lot of times you will find yourself grabbing cob webs as you walk along the road or in your house even in places where spiders are not yet you still find cobwebs crossing your faces.

We really may not take this serious but the truth is, a part of you knows its wrong, and throughout such period your businesses would not boom or work, and in some cases nothing works at all for you and everything shows you are always heading towards bad lucks and so on.

This is why I work and enchant this soap upon orders.

This soap comes with Rose Incense and a giant red candle,  the procedure to its usage will be notifies to you ones you make your payment or buy through this online shop.


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