Candles and Insence In an All in One Park




These are alter items, the blue candle (original), the yellow, the green, the red candles and three park of Insense sold in one park for a give away prize…

Buy this and it will be delivered to you as soon as possible, mostly in three days, two days, one day time all depends on where you are located.

The Blue candle is mostly for those who honour the Great Goddess, Ma. and anything related with water.

The red is used for energy and power rituals, or anything related to the Earth Goddess, same with the green candles used for also money rituals etc.

Then the yellow candle used for honouring the fire Goddess and anything related with her or fire elementals.

Oh most of you all havent heard of this right? well there are so many things you all will be learning new as long as spirituality is concerned especially when you stick with us.

Thus this candle park contains a park of red candles, a park of green candles, a park of yellow candles and a park of blue candles, then three parks of insense (plus shipping fee), all for you for just 3,000naira only.


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