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The hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East and in the Maghreb and commonly used in jewelry and wall hangings.

As with many mystical and spiritual symbols, the hamsa was originated in Kemet.

The Hamsa Hand is an ancient amulet symbolizing the Hand of the Creator…
The hamsa hand can be worn as an amulet or a bangle facing up or down and it is known to give its  owner success, harmony, and protection from the “Ayin Ha’ra,” also known as The Evil Eye
The Evil Eye was a word in mystical sciences reffering to those who do not want your success, be it a deity sent to you, or a negative person tryng to destroy you, they are all called Evil eye.
You may not have enemies, but then you must know that there are so many others who cionsider you an enemy.
People of this century can hate you for no good reason, it may be because they like what you do but they cannot be like you, so they envy  you.
It may be because they like what you have and they know they can not have it so they turn their obseession for you into hatred .
And so many of these set of people can go any lenght in dealing with you.

This frame can be used in your alter or in your home for the purpose of bringing positive auras into your surrounding. We make it on your mark! And it takes 48 hours to make it, and in 24 hours more you will receive it wherever you are in this country and for an international delivery, we take 7 days.



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