Akashic Reading Ticket


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Buy this ticket if you wish to read and consult your Akashic. Knight Fredel will read your Akashic record in order to detect whatever problems you might have within, as well as to find out anything you wish to know about your past life, present life or future life.

Akashic Reading is more like an Oracle, everything we do, all our events are all recorded in the Akashic, and only trained and prepared ones can access it.

You can check your Akashic to know what you should do, and what you shouldn’t, what circle of lie you currently are and what its meant for, all these puts you on the right track in order to help you realize your destiny.

Make your payment and download the ticket, then send it together with your receipt to our 24/7 Help Support email on:


Send the ticket to the Whatsap numbers +234 (0) 813 64642 01 or +234 (0) 815 0206 279


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