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Awake Af’raka Shopping Centre is an online shop for the sales of spiritual items and materials relating to the pure spirituality of the true African Ancestors.

Awake Af’raka Shopping Centre was created by the founder of Awake Af’raka Community, Knight Fredel (Saniye) the writer and publisher of Awake Af’raka magazine and  the esoteric books The Ogbanje child and the Four Elements, Many Rivers to cross, The Art of Sex Magick and many more.

Feel free to shop around and pay online right from this very site, it is so safe and the payment institution is the widest and one of the safest online payment institute known as Flutterwave, you can google it.

So you have no problem, and trusting our delivery and originality is 100 percent positive.

Blessed Be

Cyndi Wyndi

Shop Manager

Awake Afraka Shopping Centre

Ahoada West, Ahoada Rivers State +234 (0) 9132816928 support@awakeafraka.com

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